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Learn Spanish in Bariloche, a student’s paradise that combines fantastic scenery with highly professional tutoring.


The natural features of this part of Patagonia, its mountains, woods, lakes and exotic places are unique. 

The Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Lenguas Vivas in Bariloche, Argentina is the only official Institution in the province for Teacher Education in English. It offers top quality language teaching and teacher training.
The institute academic staff are of the highest professional quality. Their international and multicultural expertise guarantees an excellent learning environment
• Teacher Training Careers.
• Post-grade Courses.
• Teacher Development Courses: The I.S.F.D. Lenguas Vivas has taken part of several Teacher Training and Professional Development Programs on a national basis. “Capacitacion de Idóneos en Inglés para la provincia de Rio Negro”, sponsored by the Argentine Ministry of Education.
• Language teaching: English, Spanish and Portuguese as a second language.
Department: “Enseñanza de español para extranjeros”(Teaching of Spanish as a foreign language).

Spanish Language Teaching Program.
1. Learning / acquisition of the Spanish language.
2. Cultural exchange
3. Tourism as an opportunity of enhancing personal and cultural background, combining adventure and learning

Programs in Bariloche: Courses.
Regular courses: 4 week- study cycles run year-round.
Intensive courses: one/two week/s courses.
Special courses: can be arranged on request and courses can be structured according to students' specific needs:
One to one lessons: One to one lessons can be organised for those students who may have a special need for rapid progress. Dates and time tables for these courses are flexible and are arranged according to the needs of the students. One to one teaching - learning is recommended for advanced students who wish to improve their language ability.
All courses cover the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, focusing on communication. There are guided conversation classes which include pair work, group work, role play and debate. The methodological approach helps to develop fluency and fosters communication.
Linguistic levels: The Programs cater for three levels of language ability: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. A placement test at the beginning of the course determines the course level the student should attend.

Other Courses
a) Reading Course in Spanish (face-to face/ distance modality): For students who wish to acquire a reading knowledge of the Spanish language. The teaching-learning strategies are aimed at comprehension of the written language.
b) Introduction to Literature in Spanish (face-to face/ distance modality): For students with an intermediate level of Spanish. Students will be introduced to the study of poetry, drama and short stories in Spanish through a series of classes illustrated by poems, short stories and excerpts from plays and novels. Some of the courses are given by the authors themselves.
c) Literature in Spanish (face-to face/ distance modality): For students with a post-intermediate or advanced level of Spanish.
The aim of this course is to develop the student’s command of spoken and written Spanish through close reading of contemporary Spanish texts, oral and written précis, guided and free essays, listening comprehension and structural exercises and conversation on relevant cultural themes and concepts.
d) Twentieth Century Spanish and Latin American narrative(face-to face/ distance modality): For students with a post-intermediate or advanced level of Spanish.
This course will focus on various aspects of the twentieth century Spanish and Latin American novel and its most relevant representatives.
e) Latin American Women Writer (face-to face/ distance modality): For students with a post intermediate or advanced level of Spanish. This course seeks to introduce students to the work of some of the most significant contemporary women writers from different Latin American countries. (Twentieth century Latin American Fiction).
f) International Business Spanish(face-to face/ distance modality): For students with a post-intermediate or advanced knowledge of Spanish. The course is designed to improve students’ comprehension and command of written and spoken Spanish while familiarizing them with the terminology used in international business Spanish.
g) Spanish for Tourism (face-to face/ distance modality): For students with an intermediate level of Spanish. This course aims to introduce students to the use of the Spanish language in the area of tourism.

Also: Spanish courses in El Bolsón and Buenos Aires.
Assessment: Assessment is part of the program. Spoken and written skills are assessed at the end of the courses. Assessment ties in with the learning objectives that were set at the beginning of the course. Clear criteria are established in order to assess specific performance by students and come to decisions about the progress attained. Self-assessment: Some self´- assessment techniques are used by the students in order to prepare them for formal evaluation.
Accreditation: The ISFD Lenguas Vivas certifies credits for Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
Activities after study time: The courses allow time for additional activities, tourism and recreation.
Excursion Program in Bariloche: Excursions are arranged in Nahuel Huapi National Park, where students will get a possibility of exploring its beautiful forests, mountains and lakes and be in touch with the wild life and all sort of exotic attractions. In Winter downhill skiing and snowboarding are also available in students' free time. Cerro Catedral is the most important ski- center in South America. In Summer, boating and water skiing, fly-fishing, trekking and horse riding are among the various recreational activities students may have access to.
All these activities can be shared with Spanish speaking students from the ISFD or other institutions in the area, so plenty of opportunities of practising Spanish are available. The idea is that students should take full advantage of their time in these wonderful locations.
Admission: is restricted to a maximum of 10 students per class in order to guarantee personalised student service to make the most of the teaching- learning process.
Registration: online at :

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